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Indian Canyon Home

Howard Harris 2, 9minutes


Testimony is herein related that a coherent and distinct Native population were in possession (allodial title) of Indian Canyon and its resources.

*Actually the Mexican missionaries/padres were running the missions last...

The maps are SOME of the maps Howard shared with me - he had others and cites them - the "Rancho" map is a photo of one I own dated 184? of Mexican authorship. A full version of this map is on our web site at http://www.indiancanyon.org/maps/gabilanmap.JPG

*Howard uses the term "indian slaves" - an apt one for what the natives were trapped into, not only by the Spanish/Mexican system but perhaps more significantly, by Americans such as John Sutter, Peter Burnett and innumerable settlers, miners and squatters... read the law

*An interesting comment Howard makes is the curiosity neighbors showed as to his motivation to even THINK of associating with and helping the Indians of the Canyon. As always, the political "clout" Harris wielded (water boards, political connections, state boards, etc.) made his involvement critically important for the Ohlone of Indian Canyon