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HH2 9 minutes   Indian Canyon Home

HH1 2 3/4 minutes (this video) is an account of Howard's first visit to Indian Canyon 1n 1929 or 1920

HH2 is a further account of relations with the Indian Canyon people and the activities of the the Crow family and Howard assiting and advising the traditional community and dealings with the BIA, BLM, water issues, the TB/Smallpox epidemic of the 1930's, the fate of Sebastian Garcia, common terms such as "Indian slaves" (at the missions), the reaction of neighbors to the help the Crows and Harris provided to the occupants of the Indian Canyon community.

Howard Harris 1, 2 3/4 This video on this page was extracted into iMovie from a VHS tape of an interview of Howard Harris in September, 1997 with Russ Imrie. Howard was born on 1910 and his first visit to Indian Canyon occured in 1919 or 1920 (he had previously told me he was 10 at the time of the visit.) The taping was done in Howard's back yard at Hollister, California by Allan Lundell and Sun MacNamee (who subsequently "burned" it to DVD on Sunday, April 13th, 2008) after the last (lost!) remaining tape cassette was tracked down hiding under "Galaxy Quest" and "U-271" The videos are at youtube and embedded here.

This the fulfillment of one project planned and conducted by Russ Imrie, a Kahnawake Mohawk working with the Costanoan/Ohlone (through Costanoan Indian Research Inc, Ann Marie Sayers and The Indian Canyon Nation of Costanoan People and as a project during an intership at Indian Canyon while studying media/web/historicalcommunity empowerment at UCSC.)

The Costanoan/Ohlone people have lived in the canyon for thousands of years and still do. They are an unrecognized tribe and we expect that Howard's credible and compelling eyewitness account(s) will help change a grave injustice, one that is often overlooked in the discourse on California's history and society. More excerpts will follow in the ensuing weeks.

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April 21, 2008

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